Mycopter Aviation Services maintenance Services includes:


•Line and Base Maintenance

•Defect troubleshooting

•Modification and Service Bulletin Embodiment

•Annual Inspection

•Aircraft Sales and Export

•Helicopter Track and Balance

•Refurbishment and Refits


•Annual Radio Inspection.

•Annual Compass Swing.

•Pitot Static & Instrument Calibration.

•Transponder Mode S Programming.

•Electrical Load Analysis.

•ELT Programming & Battery Replacement.

•MPFR (FDR & CVR) Data Download & Analysis-  Penny & Giles.

•Battery General Overhaul & Capacity Check (Ni-Cad & Lead Acid).

•Aviation Database Update (EGPWS, Jeppesen, Garmin, Honeywell).

•Avionics Modification & System Upgrade.


Mycopter is the only general aviation company that holds Design Organization Approval (DOA) by CAAM.

Being a CAAM approved organisation we are able to undertake a broad range of structural design and approve any minor Design changes under our own approval.


Services offered:

•Modification Data Package generation

•Design of cockpit upgrades

•Wiring Diagrams and Repair Scheme preparations

•Liaison with Regulatory Body


Examples of the type of work that we have performed:

•Wescam MX15i Camera Installation on AS355N

•EC120B Lidar Installation

•Single Pole Camera mount on AS350 and AS355

•B737 livery scheme

•Beechcraft King Air 200 Ultracam Vexcell Camera Installation

•Installation of air-conditioning system on AS350 series and EC120B


•Maintenance Forecasting.

•Pre-Purchase Inspection.

•Aircraft Valuation (Certified for Piston Aircraft).

•Aircraft Weighing.

•9M Registration services and advisory.

•Technical Queries Assistance.

•CAMO Support.

•Aircraft Sourcing and Importation.